Desktop Bridge Link Roundup

I’ve been working pretty seriously with the Desktop Bridge (Project Centennial) to help some of our partners get their Win32 applications into the Windows Store. As a bi-product of this I have come across a whole host of valuable resources on what the bridge is all about and how to use it in different scenarios.

Desktop Bridge – The bridge between desktop apps and the Universal Windows Platform – A general overview of the desktop bridge and why it’s so cool.

Desktop Bridge – Converting an installer with Desktop App Converter – Some guidance on the simplest strategy for converting desktop applications using the Desktop App Converter tool.

Desktop Bridge – Manually converting a desktop application – How to convert any bag of files (no installer required) to a Windows Store app.

Using the updated Desktop App Converter to manually convert a desktop application -Now the Desktop App Converter makes manual conversion easier by allowing you to point at a directory rather than an installer.

An easier way to generate the packages for a Desktop Bridge converted app – Manifest hacking and asset generation to simplify AppX generation.

Desktop Bridge (aka Project Centennial) samples – Some nice examples of features that can be leveraged from applications converted using the Desktop Bridge.

Desktop Bridge Debugging Project – A Visual Studio 2017 extension that adds support to help build and test Win32/.NET applications converted using the Desktop Bridge.

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